Hey, Caregivers!

Did you know that the average American
spends more than 1800 hours a year at work? 

People who are unhappy with their jobs spend those
hours feeling stressed, impatient, unfulfilled, and even angry. 

People who are satisfied with their jobs are more
productive and successful—and the hours fly by! 

Which group are you in?

Are you ready to REALLY love your job?

Here are ten tips you can start using right now!

1.Avoid boredom. There is no quicker way to kill motivation than by feeling bored. If you find yourself uninterested in your work, ask your supervisor for a new challenge or a change of assignment.

2. Forget about being perfect. Aiming for perfection can drain you.  Instead, aim to be better today than you were yesterday. This allows you to feel like a success every day—rather than putting yourself down for not being perfect.

3. Give yourself mini-rewards. When you meet daily goals or challenges, treat yourself to something nice. Take five minutes to eat an apple or step outside to breathe in some fresh air.

4. Set some new goals. One of the best ways to get out of a “rut” at work is by setting some goals for yourself. Where do you see yourself in six or twelve months? What would you like to be doing? How can you get there?

5. Set a daily alarm on your phone with a message that reminds you of your most important goal. Take steps every day to meet that goal.

6.Take care of your health. It’s hard to stay motivated on the job when you don’t feel your best. Fortunately, a lot of health problems can be prevented by eating right, getting enough rest and exercise, and seeing your physician regularly. The better you feel, the more energy and enthusiasm you’ll have for your job.

7. Laugh more often. Did you know that just 15 minutes of laughter provides the same benefit as 2 hours of sleep? Share your sense of humor with your co-workers and clients and watch everyone’s health improve!

8. Learn to accept things that you cannot change about your job. Focusing on (and complaining about) things that are out of your control will zap your enthusiasm. For example, filling out client care forms is something most caregiver must do. If you dislike that part of your job, try to get over it. You can’t change the fact that documentation is part of your job, so just accept it and move on. Otherwise, it will eat away at your motivation every day.

9.Remind yourself why you became a caregiver in the first place. Think about how important your work is and how many lives you touch. The loving care you give your clients improves their lives and the lives of their friends and loved ones. Knowing you make a difference can be very motivating.

10. Try to learn something new every day. Talk to your supervisor about what inservice topics might help you take better care of your clients. Ask about opportunities to advance by obtaining additional training.

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