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Easy to use, fun, and rewarding training modules

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Advanced reporting features to help you manage your teams

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Learners can complete courses on their own time and devices

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What will I see when I sign up for a demonstration?
A: During a demo, you’ll get the unique chance to preview the back end of our e-learning platform. You’ll see a course in action, review a sample training catalog and knowledge program, and preview all of the tracking and reporting features that will simplify and streamline your continuing education program.

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We create in-house inservices. Why should I switch to e-learning?
A: At first glance, technology-based learning may seem expensive because it is priced per learner.  However, switching to technology-based learning can actually save your organization thousands of dollars per year!  According to Training Magazine, organizations typically save between 50-70% when instructor-led training is replaced with online course delivery.

For example, your organization saves:

  • Printing costs for inservice materials.
  • Postage costs if your organization currently mails inservices to learners.
  • The trainer’s time/salary to print materials, prepare and teach each inservice topic.  But that’s not all!  Think of the time spent grading the post-tests, reviewing evaluations, creating and printing certificates and filing post-tests in employee files.  You’ll save all that time with e-learning!
  • The hassle of coordinating schedules for inservice meetings.  This means no lost productivity, no time spent away from client care and no money spent paying your aides for travel time.


It's our mission to prepare your Caregivers to deliver the highest quality of care to your clientsleaving you with more time to grow your business!

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