Culinary Skills for Caregivers Training Series

Do your caregivers know how to  . . .

These may seem like simple — and maybe even unimportant tasks — but to clients, it can be EVERYTHING! In fact, mealtime may be the most important part of their day.

Familiar foods, cultural favorites, and holiday meals do more than feed the body; they provide comfort, decrease depression, help form bonds, and bring a sense of order to the world.


That’s where Caregivers Kitchen comes in!

Basic Cooking Skills Make Mealtime More Meaningful!

Cooking classes help staff learn to:

Prepare safe and healthful meals,

Cook their clients’ favorite foods, and

Manage nutrition for chronic disease.

Clients and their families will greatly appreciate the effort your company makes to better understand their needs and specialize their care plan. Satisfied clients will stay with you longer, tell their friends and grow your business.

What courses are available?

Assign a single course or offer an entire learning path in Basic Cooking Skills and/or Cooking for Chronic Conditions to caregivers who are assigned to plan, prepare, and deliver food to the clients in their care. Once the caregiver completes the series, he or she will be awarded one of the Specialist Badges seen below. Then, be sure to market that your organization has caregivers who are trained as Cooking, Food Safety, and Nutrition Specialists!


Principles of Cooking

Keeping Kitchens Clean and Food Safe

Get Ready, Get Set, Cook

Planning Balanced Meals

Feeding Your Clients


Mealtime with Diabetes

Mealtime with COPD

Mealtime with Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Mealtime with Food Allergies & Celiac Disease

Mealtime with Cardiovascular Disease

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What do users say about Caregivers Kitchen?


President and Co-owner
Home Nursing Services

“The ROI for culinary training is evident. In many cases, clients have told us the deciding factor in their choice for home care was that our company has a culinary training program and our competitors do not.”


Marketing Director
Angel Corps

“Training our staff with Caregivers Kitchen gives us a marketing advantage by showing what is unique and different about our companies. It sets us apart from 60 competitors who offer the same services in our service area. “


Home Care Companion
13 Years Experience

“After learning Basic Cooking Skills, I felt more confident when going into my client’s home. It gave me the background knowledge I needed to prepare a professional looking and nutritious meal.”


It's our mission to prepare your Caregivers to deliver the highest quality of care to your clientsleaving you with more time to grow your business!

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