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One Solution to Train, Engage, and RETAIN Your Caregivers.

Beat the Odds

Without training, 81% of caregivers quit within 3 months of being hired.

Boost Your Bottom Line

Companies that invest in caregiver training generate a 24% return on investment.

We deliver exceptional, mobile-friendly, interactive, and engaging caregiver training

to CNAs, HHAs, PCAs, and non-medical caregivers in every care setting…from home care and hospice to facilities and hospitals.

Avert the caregiver shortage crisis.

Download 5 Easy Ways to Shift the Caregiver Shortage Paradigm. In it, you’ll learn five distinct actions that (when taken together) have the potential to shift the caregiver shortage paradigm. The goal is to create a culture that inspires caregivers to enter, thrive, advance-and stay-in an industry that so desperately needs them.

Online Training

Interactive, engaging e-learning courses accessible on any device.

Instructor-led Training

Newsletter-style PDF courses perfect for groups or self-study.

Find out why thousands of healthcare organizations PREFER In the Know to meet their caregiver training needs.


In the Know’s complete caregiver training solution ensures compliance with state regulations, offers caregiver certification, provides popular courses in both English and Spanish and encourages caregivers and agencies to become “specialized” by completing advanced training in targeted topics relevant to the clients they serve.



Companies with engaged employees consistently outperform those without. Yet, only 16% of employees say they feel “connected and engaged” by their employers. Keep caregivers engaged with highly interactive, self-directed e-learning, or gather your whole team together to deliver an energizing, live class.


Average caregiver turnover is 66% and rising. Offering consistent and practical training that provides the tools your caregivers need to perform their duties confidently and competently is the only way to reverse the trend. Reducing turnover stabilizes the care team, improves client outcomes, and increases client satisfaction.

How can we help you?

It’s no secret that well-trained caregivers are more confident and more competent—leading to improved recruitment, retention, client care, and client satisfaction. Join the ever-growing circle of satisfied organizations who offer In the Know’s interactive and engaging continuing education to their caregivers.


In the Know is a trusted caregiver training provider to thousands of clients worldwide.

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Instructor-led courses delivered

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Organizations who PREFER In the Know


"We are truly delighted with In the Know..."

“Over the years, we have ordered training from a variety of sources and yours, by far, exceeds our expectations. We look forward to educating our caregivers with your courses for years to come.”


– Personal Touch Home Care & Hospice

"Best thing I've seen"

“I just reviewed my first In the Know course. This is the best thing I have ever seen-and I’ve been a nurse for twenty years. Everything is very organized and easy to follow. THANKS!”


Karen E., RN (Community Home Health, Onaga, Kansas)

"Interesting and informative programs"

“My thanks to you for putting out such interesting and informative programs for our home health aides. You do a great job and make my job as educator easier and less time-consuming. Your discussion questions are thought-provoking and generate lots of interesting input from our aides. Keep up the good work!”


~ Marlene G. (Community Home Services, Naples, Florida)


Home Health Care Providers

“I just wanted to let you know that I was a nurse educator in an Associate degree program for ten years and I am THRILLED with your inservice materials. I am very busy and do not have a lot of time to prep a monthly home health aide inservice. With In the Know, I can read the material, copy the information for the learners and be ready to present in under an hour. I especially appreciate the suggested activities and the discussion questions. Thanks so much for a great product!”

~ Rena H., MSN, RN (Gardner Visiting Nursing Association)


“In the Know has been so very good for my aides and it saves so much time for myself and the aides. And, for once, everyone is on the same page! It has been just wonderful knowing that no one is behind because we all do the inservices together. Thank you, In the Know!”

~ Lorena S. (High Point Home Health, Bellefontaine, Ohio)


“I HAVE TO RENEW MY MEMBERSHIP! I used to create all my own inservices which takes hours out of a busy schedule. These hours can be better spent on marketing and ensuring excellent patient services, both of which will contribute to growing our business. Thanks, In the Know, for all you do to help this busy Director of Nursing!!”

~ Carol G., RN, DON (Home Health Works, Inc., Clearwater, Florida)

Skilled Nursing Facilities

“It is a pleasure ordering from In the Know. Keep up the excellent customer service!!”

~ Linda H., RN (Holland Home)

“Since we began utilizing In the Know inservices in the self-study option, 20 to 30 caregivers participate instead of the usual 6 to 10. Now, the caregivers are beginning to inquire what the next month’s inservice is about. And, they seem to be able to fit the ‘self-study’ into their busy lifestyles.”

~ Bernadette F. W., RN (Kelly Assisted Living, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

“Very well done. We like all your inservices! Our state surveyors were impressed that we had found an organization like yours.”

~ Deborah F., RN (Hickory Estates, Sumner, Illinois)

“Thank you so much! My employees enjoy all your inservices. It really boosts their self image when we delve deeply into medical conditions.”

~ Rita F. RN, ADON (Meadowview Nursing Center, Kearny, New Jersey)

“Love your material! I have begun to include some in our orientation classes.”

~ Diane H., RN (Carolina Meadows, Chapel Hill, North Carolina)

“I just wanted you to know – I think the CHF module is great! It covers everything I want my aides to know. Thanks!”

~ Kay W., RN (Kelly Assisted Living, Seattle, Washington)

Hospice Care Providers

“In the Know inservices have ensured that my home health aides get the required training they need without taking nonexistent hours from my schedule to plan it.”

~ Sonjia H. (Hospice Southwest, Vancouver, Washington)


“Recovering from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina has required us to become more appreciative of the things we often take for granted. Your assistance in providing us with a copy of our entire In the Know inservice collection was appreciated immensely. To know that a company is willing to provide support and understanding while we were still recovering from our feelings of shock overwhelmed us. We would like to express our sincere appreciation in what you have done to help our hospital. We look forward to continuing to as members of In the Know.”

~ Debra Y., Director of Clinical Services (Select Specialty Hospital, Gulfport, Mississippi)

“In the Know inservices are wonderful. Our aides really appreciate and like the information they have received. Thanks!”

~ Michelle J., RN, BSN Education Coordinator (Crittenden Health Systems, Marion, Kentucky)

“Our CNAs’ participation has increased with this program…In the Know inservices can be used over and over. If problems arise with your staff, pull out the appropriate inservice and use it again.”

~ Jessica V., RNC, ADON (Preakness Hospital, Paterson, New Jersey)

“By using the Inservice Club, names on my inservice attendance rosters have increased every month. Now, the CNA’s come to me and ask when the next topic will be posted!”

~ Andrea O. RN (Indianapolis, Indiana, Winona Memorial Hospital)


“In the Know inservices help me deal with the complicated needs of my residents and to better understand what they are going through.”

~ Shantae B., CNA (Hunterdon Care Center)

“I enjoy reading In the Know inservices because they contain very good information and are easy to read and understand.”

~ Donna E., CNA (Northern Home Care)

“In the Know inservices serve as mini-refresher courses. They bring to mind the little things that we may have forgotten since our initial training.”

~ Melissa E., CNA (McAuley Residence)

“After completing an In the Know inservice, I feel better prepared to handle any situation that may arise in a professional manner.”

~ Debra Joy S., CNA (Caring Hands Home Health Care)

“I enjoy In the Know inservices because they help me see my patients in a human light as opposed to just being a room number.”

~ Julie N., CNA (Nurses PRN, Inc.)

Staffing Agencies

“Your inservices are wonderful! Our aides love the flexibility of being able to do self-study packets or to come in each month to learn as a group. Thanks again for the great service.”

~ Peggy B. RN, VP of Nursing (Action Health Staffing, Rocky Mount, North Carolina)

“The Inservice Club is great. It saves me a lot of time. Thanks for your efforts.”

~ Helga J. (Maxim Healthcare Services, Seattle, Washington)


Are you compliant with your state’s regulations?

Click on your state below to learn about your caregiver training requirements.


Preview an online course

ITK courses are interactive and fun! Every module is written by RNs and built by Instructional Designers who know how to create immersive learning experiences that keep learners plugged in and asking for more!

Learning is flexible and convenient. Mobile-friendly e-learning allows your caregivers to complete training anytime, anywhere—on ANY type of device—even a smart phone!

The Price is right! Technology-based learning may seem more expensive. However, switching can save your organization between 50-70% per year!

Preview an Online Course

ITK courses are interactive and fun! Every module is written by RNs and built by Instructional Designers who know how to create immersive learning experiences that keep learners plugged in and asking for more!

Learning is flexible and convenient. Mobile-friendly e-learning allows your caregivers to complete training anytime, anywhere—on ANY type of device—even a smart phone!

The Price is right! Technology-based learning may seem more expensive. However, switching can save your organization between 50-70% per year!

Download an Instructor-Led PDF Course

It’s easy! The easy-to-use, newsletter-style format is perfect for group learning or as take-home packets for independent study.

Convenience is key. Make limitless copies for two years within your physical location.

More possibilities. Can be combined with e-learning to create an even more effective Blended Learning Plan.

Download an Instructor-Led PDF Course

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