“Rest and self-care are so important.
When you take time to replenish your spirit,
it allows you to serve others from the overflow.
You cannot serve from an empty vessel.”

— Eleanor Brown

Being a Caregiver is both physically and mentally demanding.

And unfortunately, many caregivers tend to overlook
their own wellness and put the needs of their clients first.

It’s time to focus on your own wellness!

Nourish your body!

  • You get busy and hit the fast food restaurant for an easy, no-brainer dinner. That’s okay every now and then. But, take the time to fix meals at home most days.
  • The food you prepare yourself at home is lower in sodium, processed carbs, and calories. Use the time it takes to cook the meal to reflect on your day and “let it all go.”
  • Share home cooked meals with your friends and family. It will help you feel more connected and grounded.

Recharge with exercise.

  • It takes a lot of strength and energy to care for clients. Exercise can help you build your strength and recharge your energy.
  • Exercise also helps boost your mood.  Getting your heart rate up triggers the release of endorphins in your brain.  These are the “feel good” chemicals that give you a sense of peace and well-being!

Take time to relax!

  • Stress takes a toll on your body and mind. It’s important to take time to relax. Whether you like to take a walk in the park, read a book, or “veg out” in front of the TV, take a little time every day to relax!
  • Take a day or two off if possible, take a short vacation, plan a night out with friends, see a movie, or take a bubble bath.
  • Remember you can’t give away what you don’t have. So, if your energy is low, you can’t give the kind of care your client needs and deserves.

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