Hey, Caregivers!

Did you know that at least half of all adults
over age 65 suffer from arthritis pain?

That means chances are good; you have
clients suffering from arthritis right now!

Are you intheknow about the best ways to
help your clients with arthritis?

Here are ten tips you can start using right now!

  1. Some days will be better than others for people with arthritis.  Don’t be surprised if your clients can function pretty well one day and need lots of help the next.
  2. Remind your clients to change position frequently.  Remind them to check the position of their jaw, neck, hands, shoulders, arms, hips, legs, back and feet.  Encourage them to stretch any area that feels tense or stiff.
  3. Keep in mind that people with arthritis may find it easier to climb stairs one at a time, leading with their stronger leg.
  4. Remind your clients to use the strongest joint possible to complete a task.  For example, rather than open a door with their arthritic hand, they can push it open with a shoulder instead.
  5. Encourage your clients with arthritis to sit in chairs with arms so they can push on the arms when getting up.
  6. Be sure to balance periods of exercise and activity with periods of rest.
  7. Encourage your clients to use proper posture.  Good posture helps prevent additional joint damage.  (And, keep in mind that slouching requires more energy than sitting up straight!)
  8. Sleeping with only one pillow under the neck is best.  More than that raises the head too much and can cause neck pain.
  9. Encourage your clients to use any self-help devices they may have to help them bathe, dress, or eat.  If they don’t know how to use a particular assistive device, let your supervisor know.
  10. Let your supervisor know right away if a client has pain, stiffness, or swelling in or around a joint.

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