Did you know that only 16% of remote employees
(like caregivers) feel “connected and engaged” by employers?

And disengaged employees cost organizations
between $450 and $550 billion annually.

Keeping your remote caregivers engaged and connected can feel like an uphill battle. Everyone works in different locations and on different schedules. How do you keep a team connected when its members rarely cross paths?

An engaged and connected team is critical to success.

Studies show that improving employee engagement reduces staff turnover, improves productivity, and increases client satisfaction. But more than that, engaged employees have a greater sense of purpose and are generally happier, both at work and at home.

So, how do you do it?

A quick Google search of “strategies to improve employee engagement” delivers thousands of ideas for workplaces where everyone works the same shift, in the same location. Those ideas are useless for remote teams!  Adding the phrase “remote employees” to the search brings up tons of “tech-y” solutions such as, “use Skype for meetings.”  Great idea, but probably not helpful to your team!

A few easy ideas!

Download “5 Ways to Build a More Engaged and Connected
Caregiver Team” for five great ideas you can start using today!


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