True  or  False?

It’s okay to pray with your client or read the Bible, if requested to do so.

The answer is: True!

Yes! This is absolutely okay to do if your client requests it.
Just remember, it’s not okay to push your religious views on your clients.

What is spiritual care?

Spiritual care is about being able to listen and understand another person’s pain, sorrow, fear, or any other uncomfortable feeling—in a warm, caring, and non-judgmental way—to help the person who is suffering feel less alone.

Here are the facts:

  • Nearly half (41%) of all clients want to discuss religious concerns with their doctors, nurses, and caregivers — only half of those report having such a discussion.
  • Unmet spiritual needs can lead to poor health, depression & anxiety, higher medical costs, and increased death rates.

Are you prepared to provide the spiritual

care your clients need and deserve?

Now you can find out!

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