With Thanksgiving behind us and December on the doorstep,
it’s time to start thinking about New Year’s Resolutions again!
But forget those same silly promises we all make to
ourselves, like lose weight, be more grateful, or get healthy.

Those are all good goals but let’s be honest . . .
they are goals we usually forget by mid-January!


Make this year different!

The reason most of our New Year’s Resolutions fail is that we don’t have the tools we need to make them happen. This year, make a resolution you’ll actually keep with the tools you need to get you there!

Make this year’s resolution a promise to improve your team’s client care delivery.

And here are the FOUR TOOLS you need to make it happen!


Tool #1: Provide Training.

Plan a caregvier training program.There is no substitute for professionally prepared caregiver training. But where do you even start? Download A Step-by-Step Guide to Designing & Delivering a Dazzling Continuing Education Program.

This tool will help you identify the initial and ongoing training you need to meet legal requirements as well as the needs of the client population you serve. You’ll learn how to eliminate gaps in your team’s knowledge or training. And, you’ll put it all together in a customized, comprehensive training program that will ultimately improve your client care delivery.


Tool #2: Inspire Your Team.

People skillsDid you know that 77% of employers think “people skills” are just as important as technical skills? Yet, only 31% of employers actually offer training in people skills.  Having good “People Skills” means your caregivers have empathy, self-awareness, flexibility, problems solving skills, time management skills, excellent communication, and strong work ethics. How’s your team doing? Find out by downloading the tool, Inspire Your Ordinary Team to Deliver Extraordinary Care!

What’s inside?

  • The People Skills Inventory: This is a brief questionnaire for Supervisors. The answers reveal your team’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Guided Training: You’ll get plenty of suggestions on how to address your team’s weaknesses with targeted training to increase your success!
  • A Sample One-Year Training Schedule: This is the roadmap for Inspiring Your Ordinary Team to Deliver Extraordinary Care! It’s a month-by-month topic guide that addresses all the most common trouble spots.


Tool #3: Prevent Readmissions to the Hospital.

The best way to honor your clients is to keep them safe, healthy, and out of the hospital! Download “5 Ready-to-Use Home Care Tools for Preventing Readmission to the Hospital” to learn best practices in preventing readmissions to the hospital.

What’s inside?

  • The Risk Factor Cheat Sheet. Knowing the risk factors associated with higher readmission rates will keep vulnerable clients on your Caregiver’s radar.
  • Medication Management Worksheet.  Medication mistakes make readmission five times more likely. This tool helps Caregivers, clients, and family members manage medications safely.
  • Follow-up Appointment Tracker.  Patients who go to follow-up appointments within 14 days of discharge are 20% less likely to be readmitted.  Use this tool to track important appointments.
  • The “Know-When-to-Go” Chart. Knowing the difference between symptoms that require a call to the doctor vs. a visit to the ER can prevent unnecessary readmissions.
  • Year-Long Lesson Plan for Preventing Readmissions. A specially trained team of Caregivers can provide exceptional client care AND prevent unnecessary readmissions. Use this lesson plan to build your caregivers’ continuing education curriculum for the new year.


Tool #4: Measure Client Satisfaction.

Measuring Client SatisfactionYour Caregivers are the face of your brand. They represent your agency in the field. Their knowledge, their attitudes, their motivation, and their professionalism all reflect upon you. After all, you are the employer who hired, trained and inspired them to care for the clients on your roster. How are they doing? How do you know?

Download How to Measure Client Satisfaction in Your Caregivers. In it, you’ll find a ready-to-use client satisfaction survey tool you can copy and distribute to your clients that will measure just how satisfied they are with your Care Team.


Ready to Grow Your Learning Library?

Reach out to one of our Caregiver Training Advisors today to find out how easy it is to
fit professionally prepared caregiver training into your budget.

You’ll see how a small investment in training can make a
BIG improvement in your client care delivery!


It's our mission to prepare your Caregivers to deliver the highest quality of care to your clientsleaving you with more time to grow your business!

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