Most Direct Care Workers are Stuck

Advance roles for caregiver specialists

Ever found yourself stuck in a dead-end job? This can happen to anyone.  If you find yourself with no opportunities to advance, then it’s a dead-end job!

What did you do in your dead-end job?  You probably moved on as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, being a Caregiver is almost always a dead-end job.  So, guess what happens?  They leave to find another job.  And you lose another Caregiver.

Consequently, 40% of employees choose to leave a job because of a “lack of advancement.”

So, why not create some opportunities for advancement for your Caregivers?

Create Advanced Roles with Caregiver Specialists!

What if you could declare your staff, “The Alzheimer’s Care Experts” in your market?  Consider the possibility of being the “Palliative Care Pros” or “The Best in Behavioral Health.”

It’s possible with targeted blocks of specialized caregiver training.

Ready to immerse your team in training that targets the area of greatest need in your client population?

Download YOUR GUIDE TO ADVANCED TRAINING FOR CAREGIVER SPECIALISTStoday!  You’ll find lesson plans for five common Specialties!




What Specialty Topics are Available?

  • Dementia & Alzheimer’s Care Specialist
  • Specialists in Preventing Readmissions
  • Diabetes Specialist
  • Behavioral Health Specialist
  • Palliative Care Specialist

Go Above & Beyond

Sure, you have certain courses you HAVE to offer.  These are your STATE AND FEDERAL TRAINING REQUIREMENTS.  But, going above and beyond those minimum standards will set you apart!

Creating advanced Caregiver Specialist roles for your Direct Care Team has the potential to:

  • Reduce Caregiver Turnover.
  • Increase Client Satisfaction.
  • Stabilize the Care Environment for Clients.
  • Create a Meaningful Career Ladder for Caregivers.

What Type of Specialist Do You Need on Your Team?

What is the area of greatest need in your client population?  Don’t see the Specialty you need in “YOUR GUIDE TO ADVANCED TRAINING FOR CAREGIVER SPECIALISTS?”  Let us know in the comments below. We’re happy to customize a targeted block of specialized caregiver training courses to meet your unique needs!




It's our mission to prepare your Caregivers to deliver the highest quality of care to your clientsleaving you with more time to grow your business!

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