“Lost time is never found again.”

~ Benjamin Franklin


While COVID-19 continues to be the main topic of discussion for us and most of our customers, it doesn’t stop the world from turning! Life must go on. So, while COVID kept us busy, it didn’t stop us from reaching all of our other content goals.


Here’s a recap of what we did this summer:


We added four new courses to our training portal.

  • Weights & Measures for CNAs
  • Complementary and Alternative Medicine
  • The As and Bs of Being a Professional
  • Understanding HIV & AIDS

Three courses were fully updated.

  • Recognizing & Reporting Abnormal Observations
  • Maintaining a Professional Distance
  • Adolescent Growth and Development

Two new Spanish courses were added.

  • Customer Service in Healthcare
  • Helping with ADLs

Our coronavirus course continues to be updated.

On August 7, the coronavirus course was updated to reflect the latest stats and new guidance on working after an exposure.

12 new courses were approved by the Washington State DSHS.

  • A Vital Signs Update
  • Common Cardiac Conditions
  • How Wounds Heal & How You Can Help
  • Over-the-Counter Medications
  • Passive & Active Range of Motion
  • Transportation Safety
  • Understanding HIV & AIDS
  • Understanding Hospice
  • Understanding Neglect
  • Understanding Pneumonia
  • Understanding Substance Abuse
  • Urinary Tract Infections

We launched our “Tips from the Trenches” project.

We’d love to hear your best advice for a new series we are calling, “Tips from the Trenches!” We want to include your voice in our courses to help inspire the next generation of caregivers. As a little thank you gift, we’ll send you a $10 Amazon Gift Card!

  • Caregivers can submit their video tips HERE
  • Admins, Owners, Supervisors, etc. can submit their video tips HERE.

Littler’s Operational Protocols for COVID-19 was updated.

The legal professionals at Littler continue to update their home health and home care Recommended Operational Protocols for COVID-19.

On July 27, the Recommended Protocols were updated to reflect the CDC’s new recommendations on return to work criteria after being infected with COVID-19. A few other changes made include:

Recommendation to add a screening question for clients who live in states that have instituted quarantine/isolation requirements on those who travel to certain states with moderate to substantial community transmission or have traveled internationally.

Clarification that cleaning and disinfecting the home should be done throughout the time someone residing in the home is sick and potentially infectious.

How can you access this course? You have the option to access Littler’s Operational Protocols from two different places!

  • Inside our eLearning portal: If you are an eLearning subscriber, you can access the course inside the ITK portal.
  • On the internet: Not an ITK eLearning subscriber? You can access the course by clicking HERE.

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