Caregivers, especially those who are out in the field, alone in homes with clients, often have critical choices to make, from moment to moment. They have to be ready for ANYTHING.

There are client safety issues, personal safety concerns, infection control questions, nutrition decisions, medication matters, and a million other things to think about and act upon, in a way that keeps clients and themselves safe, healthy, and happy.

So, how can you prepare caregivers to respond
appropriately to real-world situations?

You use scenario-based immersive learning!

Professional athletes have been using this technique for years. Think about it. A football player can only train on the field so much. And not every possible situation will present itself during practice. So, by going through scenario-based immersive learning, they can encounter situations in a safe environment, and test out different options that lead to different outcomes. Once they’ve played out the scenarios and reactions in their mind, they are ready with the right response when the situation presents itself in real life.

What is Scenario-based immersive learning?

Scenario-based immersive learning is a training model that places learners in an interactive learning environment through reality-based storytelling. It is ideal for teaching interpersonal skills, decision-making, and professional techniques that are necessary in the real world.

This type of training is one of the most effective ways to learn, and studies show that it increases learning quality and improves knowledge retention by up to 75 percent.

ITK uses scenario-based immersive learning.

At intheknow, we understand that passive learning and rote memorization are the dinosaurs of the training industry. Today’s workforce requires a more active and immersive approach to training.

Our Instructional Designers continuously look for ways to make our courses more interactive, engaging, and relevant. We use a variety of techniques to keep learners engaged, including scenario-based immersive learning.

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