We are excited to be at the forefront of a growing trend in Caregiver Training. Over the past few months, we’ve logged a surprising number of new and established care providers who reach out to us every day to request a subscription to our “Blended Learning Plan.”

Why the sudden interest in Blended Learning?

The culture of caregiver training is shifting — again. The first shift came about ten years ago when e-learning became the “shiny, new penny.” Caregiver supervisors saw e-learning as the answer to many of their training problems. It was cheaper, more efficient, and more convenient for learners.

And e-learning is STILL all of those things. E-learning has served as a vital bridge between the past and the future of caregiver training. But, now we know it’s not the only (and sometimes not the best) way to train all caregivers in all subjects.

In healthcare, there will always be times when instructor-led, classroom training is the best solution. Your caregivers need specific, hands-on training in a supportive environment where they can ask questions, receive feedback, and enjoy the camaraderie of connecting with their peers.

So how do you combine the cost efficiency and convenience of e-learning with the need for hands-on training, personalized support and beneficial team building that comes with instructor-lead training?

A Blended Learning Plan is the solution!

What is Blended Learning? A blended learning plan is a strategy that uses a combination of traditional classroom training with online learning. The mix or “blend” of training strategies is where the magic happens!

A blended approach gives you options. Topics that require hands-on demonstration can be taught in the classroom, while others can be assigned online. For example, you may choose to assign an e-learning module on “Common GI Disorders.” Then, follow up with an instructor-led demonstration in “Ostomy Care.” A blended plan means you’re not stuck with just one delivery method!

Why are WE getting so many calls for Blended Learning?

intheknow is the ONLY caregiver training provider that offers a TRUE blended learning plan. That’s because we are the ONLY caregiver training provider that creates courses in our unique PDF newsletter-style format that comes with an instructor packet filled with teaching tips, group activities, discussion questions, printables and more.

With 125+ e-learning topics and 200+ courses prepared for instructor-led training, it’s no surprise why employers, supervisors and caregiver educators turn to us to keep their teams trained, engaged, and in the know.

Ready to start your blended learning plan?

Reach out to one of our Caregiver Training Advisors today to find out how affordable it is to fit Blended Learning into your Caregiver Training plan.


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