There’s no doubt, your caregivers must be able to care for a wide range of clients. 


However, research now suggests there is an increasing need to provide
specialized care for certain clinical conditions.

It makes sense from a client care standpoint to specialize. But it’s also becoming
increasingly necessary in order to stay competitive in your market.


Are you prepared to compete in 2019?

In his recent article, The Top Trends in Home Care for 2019, Robert Holly writes,

 “New Medicare Advantage opportunities will likely drive more specialized and clinical care, too. Health plans will turn to home care providers for their ability to keep older adults with multiple chronic and complex conditions out of the hospital. Providers that can point to specialized programs with demonstrated results will have an edge in securing those partnerships.”

In order to care for the increasingly complex needs of an aging population, caregivers need more, targeted, specialized education that prepares them to provide safe and comprehensive care for all the clients they serve.  Creating Caregiver Specialists is the answer!


What exactly is a Caregiver Specialist?

A Caregiver Specialist is a Caregiver with advanced training in a targeted topic that is relevant to the client population he or she serves.

“Specialized caregivers” have advanced training in common conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, diabetes, heart disease, or even common mental health conditions. Caregiver specialists are simply more competent. Competent caregivers have better client outcomes and increased client satisfaction.


The Advantages of Specializing

Creating advanced Caregiver Specialist roles for your Direct Care Team has the potential to:

  • Reduce Caregiver Turnover.
  • Increase Client Satisfaction.
  • Stabilize the Care Environment for Clients.
  • Reduce unnecessary admissions and re-admissions to the hospital.
  • Create a Meaningful Career Ladder for Caregivers.


What Specialty Topics are Available?

Download YOUR GUIDE TO ADVANCED TRAINING FOR CAREGIVER SPECIALISTS to learn all about lesson plans for five common specialties, including:

  • Dementia & Alzheimer’s Care Specialist
  • Specialists in Preventing Readmissions
  • Diabetes Specialist
  • Behavioral Health Specialist
  • Palliative Care and End of Life Care Specialist


Make 2019 Your Year to Specialize!

Start 2019 one step ahead of the competition by adding
Caregiver Specialist curriculum to your initial and ongoing training.

Request a quote today to find out how easy it is to
fit intheknow into your training budget!


It's our mission to prepare your Caregivers to deliver the highest quality of care to your clientsleaving you with more time to grow your business!

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