Earlier this year, we wrote 5 Myths about E-Learning—Busted! It was just a quick outline of some common misconceptions many of us have about e-learning. Then, Cassie Grimm, one of our Caregiver Training Advisors said, “There is so much more to this story!” So, we challenged her to write it!

Check out how she busted Myth #1: You Need a Computer to do E-learning.

Today, she’s busting myth #2!

E-Learning Myth #2: It’s Only for Tech-Savvy Millennials

Cassie GrimmAs a Caregiver Training Advisor at In the Know, I hear this objection on a daily basis: “E-learning sounds great, but my caregivers are just too old, they won’t get it!” While this sounds like a reasonable protest, we have found that older adults are not only capable of learning online, but they actually thrive with E-learning. Because of its self-directed and private nature, e-learning can be a great resource for your older caregivers.

Internet Use is at an All-Time High

It’s no secret that we live in a digital world. According to a Pew Research Report, 89% of Americans use the internet. The offline population is shrinking rapidly, especially for older adults. For example, in the year 2000, 86% of adults ages 65+ didn’t go online, while today, only 34% are offline. And younger seniors – ages 65-69 – actually use the internet at a rate that’s very similar to the overall population.

Additionally, older adults who use the internet tend to view technology in a positive light and incorporate digital devices in their everyday lives. Pew’s “Technology Use Among Seniors,” report found that about four-in-ten older adults (65+) own smartphones. And, as time passes, these numbers will only continue to increase.

Self-Directed, Private Learning Attractive to Older Learners

E-learning provides a comfortable learning environment for older adults. A study by the Innovation in Learning Institute found that comparisons and competition become less attractive as we age. With an online program, learning is self-directed and allows caregivers to choose their learning speed. This decreases the pressure of a classroom setting, where adult learners may be nervous to ask or answer questions in front of their peers.

Two Factors Predict Success

The Innovation in Learning Institute found that e-learning was very successful among older learners. However, this success was dependent upon two major factors:

  • First, those who were guaranteed some guidance, support, and communication found great success.
  • And, second, some learners were afraid to use computers, but found mobile learning with a tablet was an attractive solution. Tablet computers actually reach a higher satisfaction rate for newer, inexperienced users.

A Better Choice

In the Know addresses both of these factors:

  • We provide superior customer support to your caregivers all along the way. We’re always happy to guide them through any issues or questions. Whether they forget their password or just need some general tech support, our staff is just a call or email away.
  • And, our mobile app allows learners to easily access their modules from any mobile device, including a smartphone or tablet.

Don’t let e-learning myths hold you back from an efficient, cost-effective training solution. Your older caregivers are capable of e-learning, so be sure to give them the credit they deserve!

There’s More to Come!

Look for my next article on “Myth #3: E-Learning is Too Expensive.” In the meantime, schedule an interactive demo with me today and see the benefits of e-learning for yourself!

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