Big things happened at IN THE KNOW in 2017! Most notably, we started bringing you more expert content and information to help you GROW your caregiver business.  And, boy did you like it! A quick look at the website stats pointed us to a few clear winners!  As a result, we’ve compiled your favorites from 2017!

2017 Readers’ Favorites

Here are the 5 most popular In the Know articles and downloads from the past year.

38 Practical Ways to Motivate Your Remarkable Team

Motivation is tied to everything we do and every effort we make. At work, it’s the reason some people go above and beyond while others get by doing the bare minimum.  Did you know that motivation starts with DRIVE?  Everyone has some level of  –> Read More

 Prevent readmission to the hospital  

5 READY-TO-USE Home Care Tools to Prevent Readmissions to the Hospital

Want to claim a 0% hospital readmission rate in 2018? It’s possible with a specially trained team!  Hospital staff do everything they can to prevent re-admissions as soon as the patient enters the building.  They educate clients and set up community resources before discharge.  But, preventing readmission doesn’t end with the discharge.  –> Read More

 Supervisor gets a call that another caregiver has quit. Caregiver retention is her #1 problem.

How Much Does Caregiver Absenteeism Cost You?

Some studies suggest that unplanned absenteeism costs probably exceed 15% of all profits. Can you afford to give away 15% of your profits?  The impact is even greater for small businesses. A smaller pool of Caregivers means less choice when it comes to replacing a Caregiver for the day. It can also mean paying –> Read More

 Build and engaged and connected caregiver team

5 Ways to Build a More Engaged and Connected Caregiver Team

Only 16% of remote employees feel “connected and engaged” by employers.  Keeping your home care workers engaged and connected as a team might seem impossible.  After all, everyone works remotely.  They are in different locations and on different schedules.  How do you keep a team connected –> Read More

State Regualtions for Caregivers in home care.

You Need to Know Your State and Federal Training Requirements

If you’re feeling confused about the initial and ongoing training regulations for non-medical caregivers, HHAs, and CNAs in your state, you’re not alone! It’s just confusing. Even the state surveyors we talked to admit the guidelines are not always clear.  –> Read More

Looking forward to 2018

We heard you!  We know you love learning new ways to use IN THE KNOW training to improve caregiver retention, marketing, client satisfaction, and recruitment.  So, in 2018, that’s where we’ll focus!

Each month, we’ll target one your biggest “trouble spots.” For instance:

  • The month of January is devoted entirely to “Designing and Delivering Your Caregiver Training Program.”
  • In February we’ll throw a spotlight on “Improving Caregiver Retention.”
  • March brings expert advice on “Marketing Your Aging Care Business.”

Each month, look for more of the blog posts and free downloads you already love. And in addition, you’ll also find NEW monthly webinars which will be chock full of practical advice you can begin using right away!

Want to Join Us?

Are you an expert in the industry?  Want to write a guest blog or be a guest on a future webinar?  Maybe you figured out a genius new way to retain quality caregivers.  Or, maybe you cracked the code on increasing referrals.  Whatever your specialty, EMAIL us today and let us know what you want to SHARE!  We’d love to hear from you!






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