You’ve probably presented all the routine training topics: Infection Control, Maintaining Confidentiality, Nutrition for the Elderly, and Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease. There’s no doubt, these are all important lessons for the direct care providers on your team.

However, to develop a team of top-notch Caregivers, it’s important to go above and beyond what is routine or required.

Here are 5 ideas for caregiver training topics that will energize and excite your team—and, in turn, have a real impact on the quality of their client care.

Recognizing and Reporting Abnormal Observations

Caregivers who are trained to recognize and report abnormal observations are more likely to spot a problem and report it, getting your clients the help they need before a crisis arises. This topic reviews the “who, what, when and how” of reporting abnormal observations. It focuses specifically on observing vital signs, pain, mental status, nutrition, elimination, skin and family relationships–and how to respond appropriately to changes in a client’s conditions.

Special Communication Needs

Make your sure team is comfortable working with clients with special communication needs, including problems that arise from hearing loss, stroke, dementia and language differences. This inservice helps your team understand how communication happens and where breakdowns commonly occur. It’s full of practical tips your team can start using right away to improve the client care experience for everyone!

Client Centered Care

Client-centered care may seem like just another popular “catch-phrase.” But, in most healthcare settings, it’s the law. So, what exactly is it? Among other things, true client-centered care means: The client has a voice that overrides the care team’s “schedule.” And, a healing physical environment, good nutrition, spirituality, and emotional support are just as important as pills, monitors and machines. The days when care providers simply delivered an automated version of the same service to each client are over. There is SO MUCH MORE to the equation!

Emotional Losses in the Elderly

The clients your Caregivers serve are likely facing many emotional losses as they age, including: loss of health, loss of productivity, loss of loved ones, loss of independence and loss of mobility. Give your team the tools they need to help their clients make these emotional transitions a little less devastating.

Helping Clients with Mobility

This training topic stresses the importance of mobility for all clients and discusses the factors that can lead to a loss of mobility.  Your Caregivers will review positioning, safe transfers, ambulation techniques and range of motion exercises.  The module also provides tips for making mobility safe…and fun!

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