HIV Part 1: Understanding HIV & AIDS


HIV Part 1: Understanding HIV & AIDS



This course provides an in-depth look into HIV and AIDS. Caregivers will learn the stages of the disease, how it’s treated, potential complications, and what happens in the body when someone has HIV or AIDS. Learners follow one client’s journey from diagnosis through complications and get a glimpse of how the disease can impact clients, their families and even caregivers.


  • Discuss how HIV damages the immune system.
  • Define common terms associated with HIV and AIDS.
  • Recognize the stages of HIV and AIDS.
  • Discuss how HIV impacts seniors, aged 50 and older.
  • Define opportunistic infection and give three examples.

Be sure to present this topic along with HIV Part 2: Caring for Clients with HIV & AIDS for plenty of practical tips on caring for clients who have HIV & AIDS.


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