Understanding Cholesterol


Understanding Cholesterol



This inservice provides nursing assistants with a thorough understanding of cholesterol, including “good” cholesterol, “bad” cholesterol and who is at risk for a cholesterol problem. Caregivers will also learn about the relationship between cholesterol and heart attacks, how high cholesterol is treated and what the Therapeutic Life Style Change (TLC) Diet is all about. The inservice also covers low-cholesterol food choices and explores (and debunks) some myths about cholesterol. Caregivers will learn how to take better care of themselves along with their clients!

  • Define cholesterol and discuss the two sources of cholesterol found in the body.
  • Distinguish between “good” and “bad” cholesterol.
  • List the controllable and uncontrollable risk factors that can lead to high cholesterol.
  • Explain how high cholesterol can lead to atherosclerosis and a heart attack.
  • Plan, prepare and/or serve meals, and snacks that are appropriate for someone on a low cholesterol diet.


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