HIV Part 2: Caring for Clients with HIV & AIDS


HIV Part 2: Caring for Clients with HIV & AIDS



Having HIV is more than just a diagnosis. And those who carry the virus are more than the numbers on their routine blood test results. HIV impacts every aspect of a person’s life, including nutrition, hygiene, the risk for pain and other chronic illnesses, social/emotional/spiritual needs, and economic hardships. And, it’s important to care for each of these domains in your daily interactions with clients.  This course provides plenty of practical tips caregivers can use to care for clients who have HIV & AIDS.


  • Discuss the importance of caring for the “whole person” when it comes to an HIV diagnosis.
  • Identify at least three ways each to help clients with HIV receive proper nutrition and safe hygiene.
  • List at least three non-drug interventions that can help clients with chronic pain.
  • Recognize and respond to the signs that a person may be nearing the end of life.
  • Demonstrate how to keep yourself safe while caring for clients with HIV.


Be sure to present this topic along with HIV Part 1: Understanding HIV & AIDS for a deeper understanding of how HIV impacts the bodies of those infected.


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