Grieving With and For Your Clients


Grieving With and For Your Clients



This topic gives caregivers the knowledge and tools they need to deal with grief. It includes terminology associated with grief, the five stages of the grieving process, how genders may grieve differently and information about grief and mourning across cultures. Caregivers will learn how to communicate with grieving people, including what not to say, and how to cope with the loss of their clients.

  • Describe how grief affects clients, their loved ones and the healthcare workers who care for them.
  • Discuss the stages of grief and how a caregiver can help themselves and others move through the stages.
  • Compare grief and mourning across cultures.
  • Differentiate between helpful and harmful ways to communicate with the bereaved.
  • Identify your own feelings of grief and practice self-care to stay healthy and strong after a loss.


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