Adult Failure to Thrive (AFTT)


Adult Failure to Thrive (AFTT)



This inservice provides caregivers with an overview of adult failure to thrive, including the causes and who is at risk. Caregivers will learn how to help with nutrition and increase social interaction for clients with AFTT. The module includes information on complementary and alternative treatments and the role of hospice and palliative care.

  • Describe the decline in health that is known as Adult Failure to Thrive.
  • List at least three medical conditions and three medications commonly associated with AFTT.
  • Discuss the importance of nutrition and physical activity and social interaction in preventing and treating AFTT.
  • Plan and carry out interventions to provide hope to clients who seem depressed or hopeless.
  • Demonstrate empathy and compassion toward clients with AFTT as they approach the end of their lives.


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