Civility Training Program for 150 Learners: FREE SHIPPING!


FOR: Organizations with 150 or fewer employees.



150 copies of the book, "The REAL Healthcare Reform" (read sample pages).   

1 copy of the Companion Instructor's Manual (read sample pages). The Instructor's Manual includes:

  • Engaging classroom activities.
  • Enlightening PowerPoint presentations.
  • Thought provoking discussion questions.
  • Simple tips for improving participation in discussions.
  • Presentation tips to keep your organized and energized.
  • Fun and challenging “5 minute quizzes” to test your learners’ knowledge following each lesson.
  • Master copies of all the handouts, quizzes and PowerPoint presentations on CD.

Please note: 

In the Know's Civility Training Program is built around the content and activities found in the book, "The REAL Healthcare Reform."


The Civility Training Program includes activities built into The REAL Healthcare Reform and additional handouts and activities that can only be found in the Companion Instructor's Manual.


Because the book, "The REAL Healthcare Reform" is integral to the training program, the Instructor's Manual will only be available as part of a Civility Training Package.


Keep in mind, the content in this program is appropriate for EVERYONE in your organization, both clinical and non-clinical. Please order a package that includes enough books to teach everyone you want to reach!

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with any questions about the  
Civility Training Program.

Civility Training Program

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Price: $898.50

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