Are Your CNAs Prepared for the Diabetes Epidemic?

Diabetes is an epidemic.  That’s not news.  But have you seen the latest global statistics? 

  • Someone dies from diabetes every six seconds.
  • Diabetes kills more people every year than HIV, tuberculosis and malaria combined. 
  • And, in just one generation, the number of cases of type 2 diabetes has exploded. In 1985, there were “only” 30 million people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.  That jumped to 415 million in 2015.  And, if nothing changes, the projection is that there will be 642 million type 2 diabetics by 2040.
  • Most countries are spending as much as 20% of their healthcare budget on diabetes.  Twenty dollars out of every $100 on just ONE disease!

It’s clear that we are not winning the battle against this preventable condition.  No doubt, every healthcare organization–including yours–has clients who are dealing with type 2 read more

17 Facts about In the Know CNA Inservices

THANK YOU!! Because of you, we’ve been a leading provider of CNA and HH inservices for 17 YEARS! It’s been our mission from day one to offer cost-effective inservice training without sacrificing quality.  Your nurse aides work hard every day and deserve exceptional continuing education to help them succeed! Scroll down for seventeen facts about In the Know!

17 Facts about In the Know!

CNAs, home health aides and other frontline caregivers remain our sole focus. Why? Because they deserve our undivided attention.  And, because nursing assistants play a crucial role on the health care team yet they have the least amount of pre-employment education of any clinical employees. Effective continuing education is crucial for their professional growth! In 1998, Handwashing was our first topic. Now, our library exceeds 200 modules. And, new topics are added monthly!  Here are our latest offerings.  Do you have a new topic suggestion?  Click here to tell us what topic you’d like to see in our library! A 60 day guarantee has been in place since our first day in business.  We believe in our product.  If your are unsatisfied for any reason, we offer a 60 day money back guarantee.  Just ship all of the materials back to us and we will offer you a full refund. Our “Classic” format was introduced in 1998 and is still our bestselling format!  Initially, it was offered in paper format only. Over time, based on your feedback, we added different delivery formats. Keep reading for more info… Floppy disk was our second format offering.  Of course, over the years, that evolved into CD Format! Having a CD filled with inservice PDFs keeps your files together in one place and allows you to print topics at will. About ten years ago, we added the option of email delivery.  Email format is perhaps our most convenient choice, and perfect for organizations who need materials quickly. Your inservice purchases are sent to the one email address of your choice.  Educators may then save the files to a computer for future use! Some customers still choose our original “Paper” format.  With paper format, a master copy of each inservice is sent, already printed and assembled within a clear plastic binder sleeve.  It is then the educator’s responsibility to photocopy the modules for their nurse aides–and to maintain that master paper copy. Generally, paper format is chosen only by organizations who do not have easy access to a computer. Based on your feedback, we added E-Learning to our offerings.  In the Know introduced a brand new E-Learning program within the last couple of years.  Your CNAs can complete inservices on our website. Educators can track each nurse aides’ progress to ensure that everyone is up to date!  Check it out here. Registered Nurses continue to write all In the Know inservices. Our team of writers have experience in home care, hospice, long-term care, hospital nursing, healthcare management and staff development. They perform extensive research to make sure each inservice contains the most recent information. We choose our inservice topics based on suggestions from customers as well as current “hot issues” in medicine, Medicare and JCAHO. In the Know maintains an Advisory Board consisting of registered nurses, human resource professionals and desktop publishing experts. In addition, we regularly solicit and encourage feedback from all our customers. In 1999, we began offering a free sample module on our website.  Today, you can still try us for FREE!  If you haven’t tested our inservices with your nurse aides yet, why wait any longer?  Right now our topic “How to Prioritize Your Work” is free and ready to download.  Just pick your format (or try them both!): Classic or E-Learning. Our goal has always been to keep CNAs in the know.  Periodically, we create free Fact Sheets.  You can find a number of these free ‘fact sheets’- 2 page info sheets spotlighting important and timely topics–on our website.  See the list of titles here. Our prices have been stable for more than a decade–so that we can offer your facility a cost-effective inservice program. For 17 years, our mission has been to meet the learning needs of your paraprofessional staff, encourage their critical thinking and professionalism, and save you valuable time and money.  We offer several different inservice plans- such as our bestselling GOLD Plan which offers your aides 13 hours of inservice credit!  Compare plans here. Clients like you tell us repeatedly that we provide great customer service! If you have any questions or comments about In the Know, please feel free to contact us at 877-809-5515 and one of our friendly associates will be happy to help. In 2012, In the Know published a book!  And that book became the basis for our Civility Training Program, an important tool to help you rid your workplace of incivility. The Joint Commission recommends education for all healthcare staff members on appropriate professional behavior. This program–complete with our book, ‘The Real Healthcare Reform‘ is the answer to that recommendation. In the early 2000’s, we began serving organizations with more than one physical location.  We offer significant discounts when you purchase materials for more than one office. Our Director of Corporate Relations, Maria Easton, is happy to answer any questions you may have about this program.  Or, contact her for your free consultation today! Click here to send her an email! In the Know keeps things current! We review and update our topics every two years. When an inservice is found to be out-of-date, our writers update the topic with at least 25% new information, a new quiz, new discussion questions and activities. If you are interested in purchasing updated inservices to titles you already own, call us and we’ll give you 50% off!  When you sign up for our

Platinum read more