Did you know the caregiver training you already provide can (and should) do double-duty as a recruitment and retention tool?

The caregiver recruitment experts at myCNAjobs know that senior care providers need to continually find ways to stand out in order to recruit and retain top talent.  That’s why they created the white paper, 7 Guideposts to Turn Caregiver Training into a Recruitment & Retention Tool.

During their research, myCNAjobs learned that 44% of workers cite a lack of training opportunities as the reason they left their last job.  As a result, they state that by advertising you offer Caregivers “a place to advance their career and grow both personally and professionally, more candidates will see you as a preferred place to work.”

Learn how to use Caregiver Training as a Recruitment & Retention Tool

Recruitment and Retention ToolStart by downloading the report, 7 Guideposts to Turn Caregiver Training into a Recruitment & Retention Tool today. 

By using In the Know, you already offer exceptional caregiver training.  Why not highlight your paid training benefits in your recruitment communication with Caregivers, letting them know why you’re a great place to work!

Need Help Integrating Your Caregiver Training Into a Recruitment & Retention Tool?

If you’d like to promote that your organization offers In the Know Caregiver Training in order attract top Caregivers, contact us today for marketing material and instructions you can use to get started.

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