5 Advantages of Using E-Learning with Your Caregiver Team

It’s Time to Decide!

Are you still on the fence about leaping into e-learning with your Caregiver team?  It’s a big decision. We hear you!  You’ve said:

“It feels like a big investment.”

“It seems so tech-y.  What if my Caregivers can’t figure it out?”

“How do I know they are really learning?”

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5 READY-TO-USE Home Care Tools to Prevent Readmissions to the Hospital

Want to claim a 0%
hospital readmission rate in 2018?

It’s possible with a specially trained team!

Hospital staff do everything they can to prevent readmissions as soon as the patient enters the building.  They educate clients and set up community resources before discharge.

But, preventing readmission doesn’t end with the discharge.

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