The healthcare industry is hiding a dirty little secret, and it’s making everyone sick.  A pervasive culture of incivility among healthcare employees is causing dangerous medical errors, poor patient satisfaction, higher employee turnover and higher healthcare costs for everyone.

The Joint Commission recognizes that employees who behave in a way that “undermines a culture of safety” present a serious hazard to safe and effective patient care. It recommends that all accredited healthcare organizations work toward the prevention of incivility in the workplace.

In most healthcare settings, it’s a systemic problem that is perpetuated, tolerated and often swept under the rug by just about everyone involved.

Incivility kills the spirit, the drive, the energy and the compassion that most healthcare workers rely on to deliver quality care to their patients. Incivility is chasing good people away from the field of healthcare just when we need them the most.

If your workplace is embroiled in incivility, register for the webinar “How to Banish the Bully Who Wreaks Havoc in Healthcare,” presented by Linda Leekley, BS, RN.  It’s an important first step toward combating incivility and bullying in your healthcare workplace.

How to banish the bully in healthcare

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