e-learning for caregivers will save your sanity

If you’re like most nurse educators, you spend a lot of time organizing, scheduling and tracking your caregivers’ continuing education.

And if you’re like me, you probably spend even more time in a mad scramble trying to locate the missing documents at survey time!

Then, there’s the nagging, reminding and chasing down caregivers who missed their training.

All this organizing, tracking, scrambling and nagging is stressful!  Your heart rate increases.  Cortisol (the stress hormone) dumps into your blood stream.  You feel irritable and begin to snap at people.

But, guess what.  All the scrambling and nagging is unnecessary!  There’s a better way!

E-learning for Caregivers will save your sanity!

Here are 5 ways e-learning for caregivers will improve your mental well-being at work:

1. Eliminate hours and hours organizing. E-learning is ready-to-go. It just takes a few minutes to log in and assign training modules to your caregivers. Boom! Done.

2. Forget about scheduling nightmares, late-arrivals and no-shows! E-learning can be done anytime, anywhere—even on a smart phone!

3. Say bye-bye to Excel spreadsheets! Tracking your team’s progress is even easier than assigning topics.  The learning management system (LMS) keeps track of everything.  So, go have a cup of coffee.  You’ve got plenty of time.

4. Nix the nagging and reminding. Uh oh, you have a caregiver who hasn’t completed the module on infection control.  No worries.  Just shoot her an email or a friendly text as a reminder.  No nagging required.

5. Compliance is a piece of cake! Survey time doesn’t have to be a mad scramble to find sign-in sheets and printed certificates in personnel files.  Just chill out, log in, and print the report with your new sense of quiet peacefulness.

Serenity can be yours!

Want to learn more about IN THE KNOW ON THE GO E-learning for Caregivers?

WHAT’S INCLUDED IN YOUR DEMO?  You’ll get to see a course in action, review the training catalog and preview all of the tracking and reporting features.

READY TO GROW YOUR LEARNING LIBRARY?  One of our e-learning specialists can call you today to discuss your needs and provide your free quote.

TAKE A COURSE FOR A TEST DRIVE!  See for yourself just how easy e-learning for caregivers can be!  If you can use a smart phone, you can do e-learning!

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