E-learning for home care caregivers and aides, top 5 advantages

It’s Time to Decide!

Are you still on the fence about leaping into e-learning with your Caregiver team?  It’s a big decision. We hear you!  You’ve said:

“It feels like a big investment.”

“It seems so tech-y.  What if my Caregivers can’t figure it out?”

“How do I know they are really learning?”

“What will I show surveyors if I don’t have sign-in sheets, tests and certificates in the employee files?”

Knowing the the top 5 advantages of using e-learning will answer all your questions – and ease your concerns.

The Top 5 Advantages of Using E-Learning

#1. E-learning Saves Money.

It seems like a big investment but, e-learning actually costs less in the long run.  A live class requires an instructor (and her salary).  Your Aides must be present (and you pay them for that).  There’s the cost of paper and copies.  And don’t forget the snacks to keep everyone motivated!

#2. It’s easier than you think and can be done anywhere.

If your Caregivers can use a smart phone, they can do e-learning!  What’s better?  It can be done anywhere!  There is no need for your Aides to travel to you.  And, no need to plan classes that are impossible for Aides to attend.  You know they have crazy schedules!

#3. E-learning Improves Comprehension.

E-learning is self-paced.  That means learners can take more time when they need more help.  Then, they can move along once they’ve mastered the skill.  It also gives learners a safe space to fail.  This is important for adult learners who may be nervous about answering questions in front of peers and their supervisor.  When the material is self-paced, and “safe,” there is better comprehension and long-term retention.

#4. E-learning Reduces Caregiver Turnover.

Online courses are fun and interactive with game-based content.  When you provide continuing education that is fun and interactive, you’ll have a more committed team of Caregivers who are willing to give 100% effort.  Caregivers who are committed are less likely to call out or quit!

#5. Tracking, Reporting & Compliance.

E-learning eliminates the mountains of paper you file in charts every day!  One simple log in lets you assign new topics, check on your Caregivers’ progress, send reminders and run reports for surveyors. Having all that information at your fingertips makes staying in compliance a breeze!


Now, are you ready to leap into e-learning?

Does that answer all your questions – and ease your concerns?

Which of these advantages is most important to you?  Let us know in the comments below!

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