Do you offer customized, targeted continuing education program for caregivers in your organization? Organizations that invest in targeted training improve their their ROI in three important ways:

  • Increased referrals
  • Improved client satisfaction
  • Reduced caregiver turnover

You want those benefits, don’t you?  Well, you can have them all!

But, how do you design a continuing education program for caregivers?

It’s simple!  The secret lies in knowing your client population and responding to any knowledge gaps your team may have.

We’ve made it easy for you!

continuing education program for caregiversDownload your free copy of: A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE TO DESIGNING & DELIVERING A DAZZLING CONTINUING EDUCATION PROGRAM.

In it you’ll find all the tools you need to design a program that addresses your unique clients and responds to the learning needs of your caregiver team.

Get started today!  Download the guide and build a customized, targeted continuing education program for caregivers in your organization!

What are the steps?

  1. Find your state and federal training requirements.
  2. Analyze your client population.  You’ll spot trends and outliers that guide your training topic choices.
  3. Perform an educational needs assessment.  You’ll find a reproducible survey in this guide that you can distribute to the caregivers on your team.  This will help you understand any knowledge gaps that may exist.
  4. Take an inventory.  Determine what you have and what you need!
  5. And finally, you’ll put it all together into a yearlong, customized continuing education plan for your caregivers.

Are you ready?

Download the report today and you’ll be on your way to delivering a dazzling continuing education program for your caregivers!

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