How to Deliver a Custom, Targeted Continuing Education Program for Caregivers

Do you offer customized, targeted continuing education program for caregivers in your organization? Organizations that invest in targeted training improve their their ROI in three important ways:

  • Increased referrals
  • Improved client satisfaction
  • Reduced caregiver turnover

You want those benefits, don’t you?  Well, you can have them all!

But, how do you design a continuing education program for caregivers?

It’s simple!  The secret lies read more

Tips for Client-Centered Customer Service

This month at In the Know, our inservice, Client-Centered Care, is being featured.  True client-centered care means:

  • Health care professionals understand that clients are consumers who have choices and need clear, accurate information.
  • The client has a voice that overrides the care team’s “schedule.”
  • Care isn’t just delivered by healthcare professionals. There must be opportunities for loved ones‘ to be involved.
  • A healing physical environment, food, spirituality, and emotional support are just as important as pills, monitors and machines.

One way to approach client-centered care is to ensure your clients are having the best healthcare experience of their lives.  This requires dusting off your “customer read more