As many of you are probably already aware, we began testing a new project called “Tips from the Trenches. To launch the project, we asked caregivers to tell us why they chose caregiving and what they love about their job. We received some fantastic, heartfelt responses. Here are a few:

Rachelle’s Experience
Lauren’s Advice
Thara’s Journey

Sharing the Caregiver’s Voice

The project’s goal is to listen, learn from,  and share “The Caregivers Voice.” As we develop new content and update existing courses, we want to include real insights and advice from authentic caregivers who are out there doing the hard work every day. We hope our “Tips from the Trenches” project will give us the Caregivers’ Voices we need!


What’s Next? A New Focus

This week, we want caregivers to contribute advice, stories, and observations that will be used to add the caregiver’s voice to our courses, “Talking about Death” and “End of Life Care.” Here are the questions caregivers can choose from:

  • What have you learned about ‘end of life care’ since the COVID-19 crisis began?
  • Without mentioning any names, can you talk about a time when a client that you’d cared for passed away? How did you feel?
  • What advice would you give a new caregiver about experiencing the death of a client?


Will You Share this Link?

Please take a moment and share this link with the caregivers on your team. Please encourage them to share their wisdom with the next generation of caregivers. As a little thank you, we’ll send a $10 Amazon gift card to anyone who submits an answer!


Here’s the link!


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