Linda Leekley, the Chief Content Officer at Home Care Pulse and Founder of In the Know Caregiver Training recently held a webinar on “How to Use a Learning Ladder to Motivate, Engage, and Retain Caregivers.” Look for a link below to watch the replay!

What is a learning ladder and why do you need one?

Some states have strict training requirements for compliance. However, training only for compliance can leave gaps in certain knowledge and skills.

Some states have no requirements at all. But, sending an untrained caregiver into the home to care for vulnerable clients can be dangerous for both the client and the caregiver.

Your caregivers need training and your clients deserve a well-trained caregiver.

Our Caregiver Learning Ladder is a reliable roadmap designed to help you tailor your training program to meet the needs of your caregivers and serve your unique client population.

The benefits go beyond compliance and safety.

With a national caregiver turnover average hovering around 64%, the team at Home Care Pulse surveyed caregivers about their career satisfaction. From that data, we learned that one of the TOP TEN most common complaints was “insufficient training.” Caregivers reported that:

  • They were asked to perform assignments that required training above and beyond what they were trained for by their employer, or
  • Their agency offered no upward training for those looking to expand their skills, or
  • Their agency offered no training whatsoever.

Agencies that fail to provide opportunities for caregivers to learn, grow, and advance will continue to experience the revolving door of caregiver turnover.

Get the Free Tool!

Download the Learning Ladder tool today to find out exactly what training your caregivers need.

And be sure to WATCH A REPLAY of Linda’s webinar for an in-depth look at how to use the learning ladder in your agency.


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