We are still a long way from “normal.”

The third season of COVID-19?

Spring 2020 passed by in a blur, and now, the end of summer draws near in the United States. That means it’s time to prepare for a third season of the COVID-19 pandemic. If this were a “normal” autumn, we would focus our efforts on recognizing, preventing, and treating clients for colds and the flu. But this year, fall is anything but normal!

A complicated overlap.

This fall, we will face a confusing and complicated intersection of colds, influenza, and COVID-19. As the symptoms of all three overlap, every sniffle and sneeze will be a cause for concern in our most vulnerable population of seniors and those living with chronic conditions.

In this, our 13th update to “Understanding Coronavirus,” we will continue our focus on COVID-19 (as it remains a threat). But we will also do our best to help you understand the differences between the common cold, the flu, and coronavirus so that you are prepared to protect and care for your clients.


What’s new?

  • We added information to help you compare the symptoms of COVID vs. Flu vs. Common Cold
  • Included new CDC guidelines on lifting isolation precautions after a client’s illness.
  • Increased the test from 8 to 10 questions.

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