Throughout this pandemic, you’ve spent a lot of time making sure your care team understands how to keep themselves and their clients safe – and we’ve been with you all the way!

We care about the health of all caregivers.

Early on in the outbreak, we created a free course for your caregivers on COVID-19 and we made our Standard Precautions course free to all who needed it. To date, the free coronavirus course has been completed by 11,200+ learners who use our eLearning portal, and it has been downloaded and/or viewed by another 10,300+ non-ITK eLearning users!

We are proud to make these courses available to the direct care workforce because, without them, the heathcare industry would collapse.

But, we also care about your entire community!

Caregivers are just one piece of the giant puzzle keeping communities safe during this crisis. Clients and their family members also deserve the same empowering knowledge your professional caregivers have so that they can actively participate in the infection control process.

At In the Know, we believe important COVID-19 training shouldn’t be limited to just your care team. Your entire community will benefit when EVERYONE has the knowledge and tools they need to keep themselves and others safe from the infection.

That’s why we created a free guide called, “Helpful Family Resources for Dealing with COVID-19.”

Get the free guide!

Give your clients, their family members, and your community up-to-date and trusted information as we all go through the coronavirus crisis together.


It's our mission to prepare your Caregivers to deliver the highest quality of care to your clientsleaving you with more time to grow your business!

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