What’s YOUR new normal?

Several states have begun to issue guidance on how to safely resume caregiver orientation and training. For example, the New York Department of Health issued THIS detailed guidance for approved Home Health Aide and Personal Care Aide Training Programs in its state. In Washington state, Home and Community Services (HCS) announced HERE that it is boosting reimbursements to cover increased training sessions to support social distancing within classrooms.

As you plan to resume or ramp up your training efforts in the coming months, it’s important to follow your state’s guidelines. Reach out to your licensing agency for advice. If no guidance exists, follow the CDC’s guidance on social distancing and enhanced cleaning in group settings. We’ve compiled a list of general best practices that everyone can follow.


What else can you do?


1. Use online learning.

Chances are good your state allows some or all caregiver training to be completed online. If your state allows it, this is the safest option to use right now.


2. Practice social distancing

If you must conduct in-person training, follow these common-sense guidelines:

  • Know your state’s maximum group limit. Many states have capped group gatherings at no more than 10 people.
  • Increase the number of training sessions offered to stagger when learners gather. For example, if you need to teach an infection control course to 40 caregivers, offer the course five times, allowing 8 caregivers (with 1 to 2 trainers) in each session.
  • Modify the classroom setting to allow at least six feet between learners as they attend the class.
  • Clean all frequently touched surfaces in the classroom before and after each training session.
  • Make sure to have enough PPE on hand for learners and trainers to use during the class.
  • Monitor learners for symptoms before entering the training room. Consider doing a temperature check and asking about any symptoms related to COVID-19 (fever, cough, shortness of breath).


3. Develop a blended learning plan.

A blended approach to caregiver training is an ideal option for the “new normal” we find ourselves facing. A blended learning plan is a strategy that uses a combination of traditional classroom training with online learning.

A blended approach gives you the option to assign the bulk of your required training topics through self-paced, interactive, online learning modules. This allows you to limit your classroom training to topics that require hands-on demonstration or skills lab practice.


Want to know more?

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