In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations, like yours,
have been forced to make the switch from in-person training to online learning.

Online learning is safer and more efficient – but that doesn’t guarantee a smooth transition.


What’s the problem?

If you are like most training managers, you have a diverse team of caregivers that range in age, access to technology, and level of comfort in an online learning environment. All of these factors can make switching to e-learning challenging – but not impossible!


Don’t give up!

We have a few suggestions that will help you:

  1. Assess readiness
  2. Alleviate anxiety
  3. Encourage involvement, and
  4. Give your team room to grow!

You can do it! 

Are you ready to launch your program, gain and sustain momentum, and keep everyone on forward-progress toward their goals?

Then download the new tool, “How To Generate Excitement for Online Caregiver Training” to learn how to:

  • Address any technology gaps that may exist.
  • Head off time management issues.
  • And, use healthy competition to motivate learning.

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