It seems like everything in the news today contains dire warnings, the climbing death toll, protests, rage, and panic. While it’s important to stay informed and safe, sometimes you just gotta say STOP!

So, here’s a story that will warm your heart and bring a smile to your face!

Radio Recliner is a pirate radio station run by real Resident DJs at senior living communities across the country.

The project, launched by marketing firm Luckie back in April, was intended to be a temporary project to help keep seniors connected and optimistic during the pandemic. But each day, the station gains more and more listeners and now has a team of 18 senior DJs!

Tune in and share this station with your clients!

In addition to new shows being aired every day at noon, the station now streams a continuous loop of content to keep its fanbase entertained. On the Radio Recliner website, listeners can also submit song requests and ask the hosts to broadcast audio messages and shoutouts to friends and family members.

Start a conversation!

Use this radio station as a memory trigger for your clients. Encourage them to reminisce about their “good ol’ days.” Here are some conversation starters:

  • Did you have a favorite radio show as a kid? If so, what was it? Did the whole family listen?
  • What was your favorite song in High School?
  • What kind of music played during your wedding reception?
  • Do you play any instruments? What do you play? Have you ever been in a band?
  • On Radio Recliner, the DJs have names like DJ Fancy Pants and DJ Karaoke Cowboy. If you had to pick a DJ name, what would it be?
  • What songs would you play if you had a 30-minute radio show?
  • Do you want to request a song? Who would you like to dedicate it to?


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