Hey, Caregivers!

Get your red scrub tops out for Friday. February is officially American Heart Month. And the first Friday of every February is National Wear Red Day.

Why should you wear red?

National Wear Red Day is when people across the nation, from pop stars to community leaders, unite with a common goal. We all wear red to raise awareness about cardiovascular disease — and maybe even save some lives!

Did you know heart disease kills 1 in 3 women? By bringing awareness to the signs and symptoms of heart disease to our clients, co-workers, friends, sisters, and mothers, nearly 80 percent of these tragic losses can be prevented!

Learn all you can!

Are you ‘In the Know’ about heart attacks? Would you know what to do if you noticed the symptoms in yourself or someone else?

Only 27% of the general public know the major symptoms of a heart attack and when to call 9-1-1 for help. Do you know these signs?


Many victims of heart attacks describe the “discomfort” as:

  • A vice-like pressure in the chest.
  • A feeling of weakness.
  • A feeling of indigestion.
  • Feeling like having  “a touch of the flu.”


Someone having a heart attack may appear to:

  • Have trouble breathing.
  • Break out in a cold sweat.
  • Seem panicked.
  • Rub the chest, arm or jaw.
  • Appear nauseous.
  • Seem dizzy or light-headed.


  • Many people delay treatment because they think the symptoms are a minor problem such as heartburn.  In fact, denial is a common symptom of a heart attack.  And, denial prevents people from getting the help they need.  The most successful treatment for a heart attack is that which is done within the first hour of having symptoms.  Getting help early during a heart attack can prevent further damage to the heart and save a life!

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