Deanna is the Care Manager for a medium-sized
home care agency in Baltimore, MD.

She reports, “I get calls at 5am from Caregivers with
all kinds of reasons for why they can’t come to work that day.”

Deanna is growing weary of all the unplanned caregiver absences.

She says, “Most of the time, it takes two to three hours
to find a replacement and get them to the client’s location.
And sometimes, there is no replacement available at all.”

The Research

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) found that across all industries, the average absenteeism rate for all workers is just under 3%.  The absenteeism rate for Caregivers (CNA, PCA, HHA, Aides, etc.) in Long Term Care Facilities and Home Care is closer to 10%.

For small and medium-sized companies, like Deanna’s, unplanned caregiver absences are not only disruptive and frustrating—they are costly. 

  • One study found that losses linked to absences cost U.S. employers $1,685 per employee per year.
  • Some studies suggest that unplanned absenteeism costs probably exceed 15% of all profits.  Can you afford to give away 15% of your earnings?

The impact is even more significant for small businesses.  A smaller pool of Caregivers means less choice when it comes to replacing a Caregiver for the day.  It can also mean paying someone overtime to work above and beyond their regular schedule to cover the absent Caregiver.

Why Do Caregivers Call Out?

  • Illness (physical and mental)
  • Child or Elder Care Issues
  • Transportation Problems
  • Pain (musculoskeletal, usually work-related)
  • Lack of support or engagement
  • Low Workplace Morale
  • Stress / Burnout

What Can You Do About It?

It’s not enough just to know WHY.  You also have to know what to do about it!

DOWNLOAD the report:  44 Ways to Reduce Unplanned Caregiver Absences to learn 44 best-practice ideas you can put in place right now to reduce caregiver absenteeism!

44 ways to reduce unplanned caregiver absences


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