Caregivers in developing countries lack critical access
to the basic, practical training they need to deliver
safe and effective care to the clients they serve.

People over the age of sixty are the fastest growing demographic across the globe. This group is projected to increase to 1.4 billion by 2030. And since increasing age often comes with an increased need for healthcare services, the McKinsey Global Institute predicts, “Globally, health care and related jobs from aging could grow by 50 to 85 million by 2030.”

Developing countries are not immune to this phenomenon. Traditionally, care of the elderly in these regions fell on female family members. But as developing nations continue to grow their economies, more women seek work outside of the home, shifting the burden of elder care to outside sources.

Who will fill these jobs, and how

will they acquire the necessary training?

The International Council of Nurses (ICN) recently entered into a partnership agreement with The World Continuing Education Alliance (WCEA) to create a global network of continuing education courses to distribute education in developing regions.

In the Know contributed an entire library of courses
to the ICN to provide free caregiver training
in the developing countries that need it the most.

Through this initiative, caregivers around the world are completing In the Know courses, 100% free of charge. Learners hail from South Africa, Rwanda, Philippines, Kenya, India, Bangladesh, and more.

The most popular In the Know courses completed include:  

  • Infection Control
  • Handwashing
  • Understanding Common Medications
  • A Vital Signs Update
  • Various disease process topics (i.e., diabetes, heart disease, COPD, cancer, etc.)

“We believe in giving back to caregivers everywhere,” remarks Linda Leekley, founder and CEO of In the Know. “Over the years, In the Know has donated thousands of caregiver courses to healthcare organizations in need—whether because of the devastation of a hurricane, the impact of domestic violence, or the growing demand for training in developing nations.”

Linda believes it’s not enough to just run a successful business. She understands that being part of a project that helps train caregivers across the globe has even farther-reaching benefits. It shines a much-needed light on the importance of caregivers by assisting them in growing and developing professionally. And it means the clients in their care stay safer and healthier—and in their own homes for as long as possible.

In the Know plans to maintain its relationship with ICN and the WCEA for years to come to provide much-needed training to the caregivers who work so hard for the world’s most vulnerable seniors.


It's our mission to prepare your Caregivers to deliver the highest quality of care to your clientsleaving you with more time to grow your business!

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