The idea of “positive reinforcement” is nothing new. Way back in 1898, renowned
psychologist Edward Thorndike said, “Responses that produce a satisfying effect in a particular
situation become more likely to occur again in that situation. And responses that produce a
discomforting effect become less likely to occur again in that situation.”


Or, to paraphrase Harvard Business Review:
Rewarding good behavior produces better results than punishing bad behavior.


This notion works in many situations—but it is particularly powerful in training.
Let’s be honest, continuing education in the healthcare industry is both necessary
and beneficial—but it’s not always “satisfying” or “rewarding.”


So, how can you make training more rewarding and satisfying?


Caregiver Training Advisor, Victoria Brown has the answer!



Victoria says . . .

Use your training system as a reward mechanism!

intheknow is thrilled to introduce an exciting, new element of “gamification” technology to our caregiver training portal. What’s that mean? It means we’ve added a points system that can provide the exact rewards structure you need.


How does it work?

  • Points are added to your team leaderboard as caregivers complete their training assignments.
  • Employees can see where they stand and know precisely how to improve their position.
  • They can even earn specialist badges by going above and beyond the minimum training requirements in a variety of subjects.


What else can you do to make your training program “rewarding?”


Start with positivity! 

Your staff’s perception of training is mirrored by your attitude. If you speak about training as an exciting opportunity for them—rather than an annoying mandate from the powers that be—they’ll adopt your mentality. Emphasize the positive elements, such as having better knowledge to help people, rather than the negative aspects, such as the time it takes to complete a course or training activity.


Keep it clear!

Make a public announcement to all employees detailing your new program. Use a straightforward points system so that each employee knows exactly what they need to do to earn a reward. For example, reward caregivers with points for:

  • Completing assignments on time or early.
  • Earning passing scores.
  • Workplace anniversaries, and
  • Birthdays

Just make sure you chose things that create an equal opportunity for participation among your entire staff.


Deliver the goods!

Even if your prize is something small, a weekly $5 gift card, for example, make sure you consistently deliver rewards on time.


Get competitive.

While too much competition can be stifling, the right amount can drive your employees to higher levels of success. So, inspire your staff to train by introducing the element of competition. People like to win! By posting current rankings and former winners, you can add another satisfying effect to your program. You may find the best results by rewarding your top point earners as well as rewarding each staff member when they reach a defined threshold. You want everyone to feel like they’re actively participating in your rewards program, even if they may not come in first place.


In the Know is always here to help!

Are you ready to find out how intheknow’s
new points system can benefit your organization?

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