Framework for a Fantastic Orientation

Did you know, most employee turnover happens within the first three months of employment?  That means your ORIENTATION can make all the difference!

You go to great lengths to hire the right people.  Keeping them is the problem!

Now, there are a couple of easy things you you can do to avoid the most common orientation pitfalls and keep the Caregivers you carefully selected from quitting!

Download the Report: Framework for a Fantastic Orientation

In this new report you’ll learn all about the 4 most common mistakes organizations make during orientation.  And, you’ll get plenty of practical tips to avoid making them yourself.

For example, did you know that creating a Peer Mentor Program can help decrease turnover for experienced caregivers with years of experience as well as new Caregivers with little or no training?  It’s true!  And it’s all in the Framework for a Fantastic Orientation!

Here’s a sneak-peak of what’s inside!


“The first few minutes of new employee orientation, if done right, can lead to happier and more productive workers and, ultimately, increased customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, a lot of companies do it wrong.”


4. It’s all about the company, not the employee.  Most companies begin orientation by talking about the company culture and/or mission statement. It seems like a natural place to start! Then there’s a transition into general rules for being an ideal employee.  But, now the experts say that’s not the best way to begin!

3. It’s an information dump.  You just need a warm body to hit the ground running ASAP! So, you hand the new hire a stack of papers to sign, an employee handbook and assign a few videos to watch.

2. No opportunities to engage with team.  Plenty of orientations last a few hours, or even a whole day.  Then, the new hire is assigned a patient load, and left on her own.  There’s no preceptor or peer mentor.  And, there’s no formal follow-up to see how things are going.

1. There is no plan at all!  The number one complaint from new hires about orientation is that there seemed to be no plan at all!  Some say “I don’t think they even knew I was coming!”

Fix These Common Mistakes!

Download: A Framework for Fantastic Orientations TODAY for practical solutions to each of these common mistakes!






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